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November 12 2009 - AServ Unsupported

Due to other commitments and the lack of a testing network, AServ is now (and has been for some time) unsupported.

I've fixed up all the broken links on this site and anyone is welcome to take the code and redevelop it (subject to the GPL License).

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November 21 2006 - Not dead

The lask of news here does not signify that AServ is dead. It isn't being owrked on as much, but the SVN version is still kept up to date when new changes are made.

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April 12 2005 - Beta6 Release

Beta6 has been relased. After the long wait sinse Beta5, only 5 bug needed fixing, which means AServ is close to having a stable release.

Apologies for the wait


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December 09 2004 - Beta 5 released

Beta5 has now been released.
Beta5 fixes various bugs, and adds some new features. (Some of the new features require the mode-hack patch from ircu-patches dir in the SVN repository)

Beta4 download link has also been fixed.

Some new modules ahve also been added to the modules directory of the SVN Repository.

1) mod_mysql - provides mySQL support to AServ modules
2) mod_memoserv - adds a memoserv bot. (Requires mod_mysql)

As previously mentioned, other modules wil be having mysql support added to them soon.

Enjoy this release.

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November 28 2004 - Information Update

CodersIRC (Formerly now uses AServ as its primary service (all modules loaded, including extras).

Additionally, AServ-Beta5 will be released sometime in the week of December 6th.

With the introdution of mod_mysql, mod_spamscan, mod_chanserv and mod_account will be modified to also support mySQL based databases aswell as flat file databases (They will be mutually exclusive). This will be settable on/off in the config filess.

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November 01 2004 - Beta 4 released

The "long awaited" beta4 has now been released.

This fixes a LOAD of bugs, and makes AServ generally alot more stable and useable.

Thanks go especially to SeaIRC for helping with testing and finding the majority of the bugs.

I called it beta4 not stable1 as planned due to inability to totally stress test it right now.

Enjoy :) Smilie

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October 26 2004 - AServ Stability Testing

There is now 5 places where AServ is being tested (Under my supervision)

Hopefully AServ will prove stable in these tests, and i can move the version number onto AServ-Stable1 as soon as possible.

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October 18 2004 - New additions

The site has has 2 new additions.

Firstly i have setup a forum, so that users can talk to each other, help each other, share experiences etc

The other thing I have added, is a subversion repository.
Subversion is a cvs replacement, it does the same thing (monitor file revisions) and is compatible with viewcvs (so people familiar with browsing a cvs repository can browse the svn repository without much difficulty) :D Smilie


The svn repository will be updated whenever i make a change to my working copy here on my machine, so at times may contain bugs.

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October 11 2004 - Beta 3 released

Beta 3, fixes various Major and Minor bugs, whilst adding a few features.

mod_dummy no longer works and will be fixed in Beta4

AServ is now being tested on the dabse irc network ( / )

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September 23 2004 - AServ - Beta 2

Beta 2 has been released to fix the module loading bug in beta1. This release only fixes that bug as it prevents new modules being loaded to test with.

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